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Numerology: numbers & planets.

Numerology: how to read digit ratios & finger related numbers!

Today, numerology readings are often associated with the occult, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts that are usually focussed on making compatiblity, future & life predictions. However, Professor John T. Manning work on the '2D:4D digit ratio' (the mathematical ratio between the length of the 'pointer finger' and the 'ring finger') is a clear illustration how fingers relate to digits and numbers.

The term 'numerology readings' can also be used for those who, in the view of some observers, place excess faith in numerical patterns, even if those people don't practice traditional numerology. For example, Underwood Dudley uses the term to discuss practitioners of the Elliott wave principle of stock market analysis.

Just what do you think the numerical odds are either (a) that a set of numbers associated with the letters of your name and your birth date will reveal who you are and what you should do with your life, or (b) that someone in personnel has figured out how to read those numbers?

A different example of numerology concerns the
palmistry TOP 100 - which illustrates how numbers & internet statistics relate to the quality of a website. Indian numerology readings are very popular combined with astrology - often available as a free numerology reading.


Numerology readings.

Numerology readings are often presented through a numerological reading in astrology via a horscope. Usually these are free numerology readings
& astrology readings. Numerological astrology is often combined with other readings: a psychic reading, horoscopes or numerology love reading.

Be aware of numerology psychology: the Barnum-effect!!

When you get your numerology reading, you may find yourself ignoring the parts that don't fit you at all, and focusing on those parts that do seem to fit. Numerology readings may actually fit you or they may fit your image of how you would like to be. No matter; if they fit, you may fall for it - this is also known as the so-called 'Barnum-effect' (or Forer-effect.). You may even be tempted to go one step further and call your own personal psychic on one of the "friends" psychic hotlines. The testimonials for astrology and the psychics are quite similar.

Some of the attractiveness of numerology, astrology, tarot, psychics and even palmistry comes from the desire to find somebody who will tell you that you are full of hidden strengths and powers, and who will reinforce your deepest needs and emotions. Be aware of this when you are confronted with your numerology reading for 2013.

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